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Flock Lounge Chairs
Collaborative seating solutions that bring great ideas to life.Where comfort goes, people Flock.

Create a Productive Environment

Wherever people migrate within a space, Flock is designed to support their needs. With a full collection of comfortable mobile elements that work seamlessly together, you can make the most of every square inch of your space. The combination of seating, tables and ancillary products help people interact with each other, challenge one another, and receive the support they need.

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HON Designer Spotlight
Flock Designer Brian Kane
Brian Kane
Furniture Designer

After graduating from college, Brian Kane worked at a New York City design studio before spending a year in Milan, Italy collaborating with famed architect Silvio Coppola on various projects. Returning to New York, he worked for Ateliar International (aI) and then moved to San Francisco to join Metropolitan Furniture Corporation.  He soon became Vice President of Design and Development. He established Kane Design Studio in 1989, and since then his team has been creating award-winning furniture designs that can be found everywhere from contemporary offices, outdoor spaces, and museums of modern art. For more information, visit

Endless Options for Increased Interaction

A furniture designer with more than 40 years of experience, Brian Kane designed Flock to encourage teamwork and turn any space into a social, common area. The collection of contemporary seating and tables supports activities ranging from a casual chat between coworkers to a scheduled group brainstorming session.

Flock Office Furniture

Flock’s four-leg chairs are available with round, tapered round or tapered square legs for greater design flexibility. And there’s a stool option too. So go ahead — take advantage of smaller spaces that aren’t being used, arrange collaborative areas near workstations for impromptu meetings, and enhance community and welcoming areas to make guests comfortable. When people Flock together, good things happen.

Flock Office Furniture