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Nucleus Task Chairs with Abound Systems
Innovative design meets deep-seated comfort.Nucleus takes tech to a whole new level.

Not Your Grandmother’s Office Chair

Nucleus seating from HON delivers comfort from the inside out. The lean, sculptural seat conforms to everyone's unique support needs. The back flexes with the spine. Nucleus adapts to fit legs, shoulders and weight using easy-to-reach controls. The responsive synchro-tilt mechanism keeps the seat level and the chair stable as the back reclines, and locks in four positions.

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HON Designer Spotlight
Marcus Koepke
Furniture Designer

Marcus Koepke, furniture designer, was born in Milwaukee and raised in Chicago, Cleveland and Kalamazoo. He grew up in a design environment - his father is an industrial designer - where design was important and fostered a strong and natural design instinct.

Comfort From the Inside Out

Kick your worn-out standard office chairs to the curb. Nucleus replaces outdated seating to keep you comfortable at work with an internal seat structure that’s formed by ilira-stretch M4 mesh. This task chair is available with either an upholstered or mesh back that flexes four ways to put instant lumbar support right where you need it.

You might notice that Nucleus doesn’t look like your typical office chair. That’s because it’s not made like an ordinary chair. Marcus Koepke acutally designed the seat like a hammock — there’s no seat pan, so you don’t have to worry about bottoming out. When you sit in a Nucleus chair, the compressed foam inside the ilira-stretch-covered metal frame distributes your weight evenly, minimizing pressure points for improved circulation and reduced muscle fatigue.

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