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A professional solution that’s built to last.Our 10700 Series sticks around for as long as you need it.
10700 Series Office Space
Just Your StylePrivate and focused. Open and Collaborative. With the 10700 Series, you can enjoy whatever work style and environment you want.
10700 Series U Shaped Desks in a Private Office
Multifunctional ThinkingOffices are continuing to shrink, which makes creative storage arrangements more important than ever. 10700 Series stackable storage turns wall space into valuable storage space.
10700 Series with Workwall in a Private Office
More Oohs and AhhsGo ahead, show off your new space outfitted with 10700 Series desks.

Iconic Intelligence

10700 Series laminate desks from HON makes a subtle statement for high achievers. Waterfall-shaped edges, high-pressure laminate tops and real wood accents offer mixed-material elegance. desking units, bookcases, stack-ons and storage feature solid, inner-frame construction. Most models ship assembled, and grommets and removable lock cores are included.

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Where Versatility and Sophistication Meet

Contoured, real hardwood accents and waterfall-shaped edges combine form and function, giving the 10700 Series a luxurious look and feel. Choose from seven rich, distinctive woodgrain laminates to outfit any inspired space, from the private office to the reception area. The contract-grade, high-pressure laminate provides superior resistance to scratches, stains and spills. So go ahead, work with passion and vigor. This desk can take it.

10700 Series and Ignition Office Space

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10700 Series Office