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Get the fundamentals and much more with Foundation.

Built on Common Sense

Create a solid starting point for your success with HON Foundation. Personalize your office suite with this versatile collection of laminate desk and storage solutions that can be combined in a variety of ways to fit any work style or space. Lateral files and storage pedestals come fully assembled, and desks and credenzas assemble easily in minutes. All components feature attractive scratch- and stain-resistant laminate for an unbeatable combination of stunning beauty and rugged durability. Get the fundamentals and much more with the HON Foundation laminate collection.

Work/Life Balance...Solved

Private offices with all the amenities. Open workstations that balance collaboration with personal selection. Meeting spaces that range from "got a minute" to got to make an impression. Foundation does it all, so you can focus on making that 5:30 soccer game.

Simple Never Looked So Good

Nobody knows exactly what you want, so we made Foundation whatever you need it to be. Storage to keep whatever you need nearby. Wood finishes that just work. Cool accents to jazz things up. Foundation is just the right mix of no frills, no headaches.



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