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Room scene in closed meeting room with furniture and full glass door/wall- Grove single seat and two seat lounge chair with no arms, table arms in white laminate
COLOR THEORYCreating An Emotional Connection

Ever notice how paint colors, textures and fabrics can breathe new life into a space? As work styles and office environments continue to change, workers are increasingly rejecting the sea of sameness in favor of spaces that provide mental and emotional stimulation. A recent University of Texas study identified that monochromatic surroundings induce feelings of sadness and depression. In contrast, thoughtfully designed spaces that layer a combination of materials and colors appeal to a wider variety of people and elicit positive emotional responses.

Planning Tips

Planning Tips

Put this knowledge to work in your office space by keeping these color theories and design tactics in mind:

  • Strategically select your colors to promote overall behaviors and feelings rather than catering to personal preferences.
  • Mix up your palette throughout the office to offer variety for all workers, identify circulation paths, and reflect the changing character of the environment.
  • Make the most of the natural light in your space by relying on lighter hues in those areas that will better reflect the light.

A Human Centered Approach

Purposeful work requires a design approach that blends creative space planning with innovative materials and palettes. Taking a personal approach to color selection can increase focus and social interaction, while offering everyone the variety they crave throughout the day.

Room scene with furniture -  Flock modular and casual lounge chair, 4-leg stool, mini cylinder and cube, cube square and rectangle table, floor lamp/shade

Room scene with furniture - Grove single seat and double seat lounge with arms, two seat with table, Flock personal table

Brighter colors positively impact focus and task accuracy

Room scene with furniture - Flock modular and round lounge chairs, cube, 24x60, square and round collaborative tables, perching and 4-leg stools, mini cubes

Blue produces a calming influence, promoting mental acuity and creative thinking

Room scene with furniture - Arrange square and rectangle table, X and T-base, Flock cube table, mini cylinder and cube, modular and guest chair, square ottoman, 4-leg stool, floor lamp/shade

Pink minimizes feelings of irritation, aggression, loneliness and discouragement

Room scene with furniture - Flock 4-leg stools, Preside rectangle top with standing height cube base, Flagship 3-drawer lateral files

Red enhances feelings of energy, vitality and ambition

Room scene with furniture - Empower 8 pack bundle with center screens, Ignition task chairs, Grove 2-seat and 3-seat lounge, Flock round minis, square ottomans, laminate cube and cylinder tables

Yellow makes people alert, paving the way for clear decision-making

Room scene with furniture - Concinnity double pedestal desk and shelf, credenza, wall mount storage, storage/file cabinets, Flock cube tables, Grove single lounge, Riley guest chair, Endorse low back task chair

Orange calms emotions and boosts self-esteem, creating a sense of enthusiasm

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