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Two people sitting at desks with an open office plan - Nucleus task chair, Flagship mobile pedestal, Abound and Accelerate 120 degree corner worksurfaces, Concinnity O-Leg Support, Dual monitor arms
PERSONALIZED CAREThree Tips For A Healthier Workstation

You’ve got a comfy, ergonomic chair. A big work surface to spread out your work. Storage that keeps everything within reach. But there are several workstation “extras that shouldn’t become afterthoughts, because they can support productivity and increase ergonomics and comfort.

One monitor arm with screen attached on white background

Monitor Arms

Laptops have created a lot of freedom, but they’ve also given us hunching, slouching and squinting. Flat screen monitors on raised arms not only improve your posture and reduce eye strain, they free up work space.

Room scene with open office plan - Ignition task chair, Empower desks, Contain footed credenza

Keyboard tray with extender, articulating arm with convertible keyboard platform

Articulating Keyboard

Keep your keyboard positioned correctly and keep carpal tunnel syndrome at bay. An articulating keyboard promotes a healthy posture for your shoulders, arms, and wrists. Better yet, it doesn’t take up valuable space on the desktop.

10700 desk with center drawer, Ignition task chair

Task desk lamp, HLED1-HLD10C

Task Lighting

Harsh lighting can be really tough on your vision, so are your eyes up to the task? Adding a task light to your workstation allows you to better control your lighting at different times of the day. Whether using a built-in under cabinet LED light or a freestanding table lamp, task lighting will illuminate more possibilities.

Voi worksurface with modesty panel and O-leg supports, task desk lamp

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