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Fuse Storage with Solve Chairs
Sparking Efficiency Through OrganizationFuse takes personal storage to the next level with sizes and options that just make more sense for what’s being stowed today.

Stash With Panache

Fuse takes personal stowage to the next level, with sizes and options that just make more sense for what's being stowed today. To operate at your best, you not only need quick access to your tech and work gear but also your running shoes and protein bars. Pair that with an added pop of color, and Fuse gives new meaning to needing your personal space.

Reaching New Heights

Storage cubbles and bag hooks move with height adjustable surfaces. So brilliant, we wish we thought of that. Oh wait, we did. 

Fuse Orange Storage

To Have and To Hold

Larger-sized drawers neatly store what matters most, like shoes and snacks.

Fuse Pedestal in Orange

Tame the Junk Drawer

Accessory trays fit perfectly within drawers to keep odds and ends out of sight but organized. 

Fuse Storage with Tray

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