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Our Story


HON didn’t become the most recognized name in office furniture overnight. Since 1944 our products have helped doers like you achieve more workday victories. The bold idea successfully sold to the tough manager happens in our chairs. The click of our file cabinet drawer signals another project well done. Cleaning off the top of our table, just to get it dirty again.

Whether the pressure is on, or the rest of the office is gone, we’re right there with you. To help you work smarter, more comfortably and on your terms.

The HON Company

Corporate Headquarters
200 Oak St.
Muscatine, IA  52761-4313


Monday - Friday
7:00 am - 6:00 pm Central

Surround ourselves with smart people

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Work smart.

HON’s award-winning designers and forward-thinking engineers never stop tinkering. That curiosity creates furniture that’s easier to use. And more importantly, furniture that makes you more comfortable.

Designed to be timeless, not trendy.

Putting FIT before FINISH keeps us focused on performance, not just appearance. The end results are simple, clean products that never go out of style. For example, we still get requests for spare keys to file cabinets we built in the ‘70s.

HON office furniture is designed by people who are empowered to do what’s best. For our customers. For each other. And for our communities.

Obsess over little things

Work well.

To HON, even one-eighth of an inch of space can make a huge difference in how you work. That’s why we go to extremes to build office furniture that helps you work better.

For instance, industry standards require us to do extensive testing before furniture leaves our facility. And we don’t think it’s enough. In many cases we go 15 steps beyond expectations. 

After all that, we’re still not done. We let real people test-drive our products. Because machines can’t predict what humans will do.

Something else that works well?

Our lean and green approach to building products. 

Always around to do the right thing

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Work your way.

HON doesn’t shy away from feedback. Actively seeking out customer opinions helps ensure we build products that address needs, not trends.

When you need help finding office furniture, there’s a HON dealer close to your front door. No matter where you buy HON, it’s backed by our Full Lifetime Warranty. So if something goes wrong, we’ll fix it, replace it or give you your money back.

Doing all that shouldn’t cost you a mint.

And with more delivery trucks on the road, you’ll get your new furniture sooner rather than later.

With more products and prices, you’ll find a chair, desk, table, storage or workstation that fits your office and your budget.