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Customize your workspace
Make your workplace work for you

It takes more than a desk and a chair to be productive. Today's workspaces are designed around multitasking and maximizing every inch of space. This means surrounding yourself with workplace tools that help you do more with less. Storage solutions that help you pile, stack and organize. Technological tools that put everything within arm's reach, and cord management that keeps it all neatly tucked away. Ample lighting whether working day or night. Options for turning a fixed desk into a sit-to-stand workstation that offers a healthier way to work. HON workplace tools provide the finishing touch on any high-performance workspace.

Task Lights
HON task lighting is designed to illuminate any work area, giving you more control over our environment. A full spectrum of options from recessed task lights to desk or floor lamps brings cool lighting and a high-efficiency energy solution to your workspace.
HLED1 Desk Lamp
Monitor Arms
Hard drives and monitors are still mandatory in most offices, but that doesn't mean they should take up your entire desk. Free up more space by using HON monitor arms and CPU holders to bring monitors to eye level and keep CPUs off the floor.
HMASD Dual Dynamic Monitor Arm
Keyboard Trays & Center Drawers
HON keyboard trays and center drawers make the most of your valuable desk space. A cluttered worksurface leads to a messy work style, and these tools help you enjoy more usable space. From rotating keyboard trays that offer ergonomic benefits to center drawers that segment and organize office supplies, you can stay in better control of your space.
HKTLONG Sit to Stand Long Track with Keyboard and Mouse
Paper Management & Organizational Tools
Create additional opportunities for organization in HON workstations with HON paper management and organizational tools. From piling paperwork to safely stowing personal belongings, you can make your office space work harder for you.
Power & Cable Management
Bring power and data directly to the worksurface and cleanly route cables and cords out of your way with HON power and cable management solutions. From electrical and USB outlets to advanced data ports, you don't have to reach far to access the connectivity you need. Each attachment is designed to fit a variety of HON worksurfaces and workstations.
Ergonomic Solutions by HON
Stay active and reduce fatigue by moving your feet constantly with the Rectangle and Round Wobble Boards. Maintain proper posture and enjoy ergonomic benefits when you sit at your desk with your feet on the Angled Footrest. Easily transform your static desk into an engaging and active sit-to-stand solution with the Desktop Riser.